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Drop Spots

What is a Drop Spot?

A dropspot is a kind of alternative mailbox. It’s a hiding place in a public space, where people can leave things for exchange. Anything. It’s a weird and wonderful way to add personal character to the streets that we live in. Stash something fun and see what you get back.

To find a Drop Spot in your neighborhood, visit the Drop Spots map. Select a Drop Spot map marker near you, make note of its location and visual description and head out the door to find it! Once you locate the spot and discover your mystery gift, make sure to leave one in its place to keep the exchange going. For gift tips and ideas visit the FAQ page.

To create a new Drop Spot, find a hidden nook or crevice in your neighborhood to tuck away a simple gift you would like to share; perhaps a poem, photograph, favorite quote, or mix CD—something fun that represents you. Then log on to dropspots.org to map and describe the secret location of your gift so others can find it.

Chart the progress of all of your favorite Drop Spots online. Post photos, comments or messages relating to each spot directly in its virtual marker on the Drop Spots map. Visit this space to find out what someone thought of your gift, say thanks, share photos of items you have received or keep tabs on how many gifts have been exchanged at your spot.

Made in 2006 by Jet Hall, Dan Phiffer and Ed Purver. Revived from spam oblivion in 2009.